4 Takeaways: Beach Touch Rugby World Championships

Noodle Bagz Beach Touch World Championship 2019

If your day consists of picking up an upper thigh tan and playing some footy you're not far off living the dream. Have a scroll below through our Noodle Bagz mini blog with the full results of the big tournament, a few takeaways from us and the official Noodle Bagz dream team.

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  1. Young Selects

  2. Buffs

  3. Block Party

  4. Legion

  5. Hoodz

  6. Tropics

  7. OC Ravens

  8. old aztecs

noodle bagz beach touch rugby trophy

The Young Selects Never In Doubt

Coming into the tournament there were questions about the Young Selects and their form. It would never be easy going back to back as World Champs and with captain Ari Fink being a long-term Oakland Raiders fan it was unsure if they had the ability to win. All questions were answered in the first game against the Del Mar Hoodz with a decisive 3-0 win.  They cruised on through the next 2 games finishing top of Pool A and setting up a Semi Final battle with the host team Block Party. There was a slight conflict when Jacob Zinda, voted Summer’s Palest Rig by OffWhite Magazine, wore the wrong the bagz, but the Young Selects took care of business and went on to the final. There they faced the Buffs who took the field staggering from what could only have been some sort of tranquilizer. The Young Selects dominated and were once again crowned Beach Touch Rugby World Champions. 

noodle bagz beach touch rugby young selects


Japan Ireland Wasn’t The Only Upset

Semifinal 2 proved to be the game of the tournament. Buffs had a tough start to the day as their manager Drew Strobl apparently, fell asleep at the BeachComber earlier that morning and saw their team arrive late, forfeiting their first game. They bounced back with 2 wins to finish 2nd in the group and set up a clash in the Legion. The Legion boys looked fit and quick made easy work Pool B. Wins against the host team, Block Party, Old Aztecs, and the Tropics had them comfortably finish first. 

noodle bagz beach touch rugby world championships

The semi final was undoubtedly the game of the day. Alfonso Cornu of The Buffs looked as slippery surfers boob dancing over for two tries. Psalm Wooching would not let the contest slip through his grasp that easily and led the Legion Academy lads on a fight back fit for a UFC undercard. Touches moved from hands to shoulders to bodies as the contest began to heat. A whopper intercept from Wooching led to an epic chase down at the bridge end of the sand and the Legion teens never stopped fighting. But it was the Buffs who took scored their 3rd try to sound the hooter and make the cup final.

All Noodles All Ages All Rigs

The Hoodz boasted not only the oldest but also the youngest player and showed us why we love playing rugby. The Buffs big boys put on a step show that had them looking more evasive than my iPhone and my missus. There were rigs & lids of all shapes, sizes and ages but everyone had two things in common: they all had a noodle and they all loved a game of footy.

noodle bagz beach touch rugby world championships vintage man

Location Location Location

They say you get what you pay for, so the Noodle Bagz team scouted the sand spot every Saturday for the last 8 weeks. Field set up crews showed up extra early to cut down any volleyball nets and it definitely paid off.  The backdrop of the Ingraham Street Bridge and the bay for a cool off made it feel like home. We even had extra seashells flown in from France for traction in the sand. Needless to say the spot lived up to the hype. 

noodle bagz rugby San Diego



These were the Noodles that shone bright like a diamond. What a group of absolute glamours

  1. Esmat Wardack (Tropics)

  2. Psalm Wooching (Legion)

  3. Alfonso Cornu (Buffs)

  4. Kalei Konrad (Block Party)

  5. Carlos Ramirez (Young Selects)

  6. Austin Switzer (Young Selects)

noodle bagz beach rugby dream team

 Thanks for all the lads that participated. Stay plugged in to the Noodle Bagz instagram for a sizzle reel video that will blow your mind. Find images from the tournament HERE